Shiva’s Massage, LLC

Shiva’s Massage, LLC


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About Us

Massage therapy that focuses on realigning the body to the core through a mixture of relaxation, deep tissue, and cupping therapy.


Cupping set and Ebook our very own therapist wrote during lock down that shows you the safe way of preforming cupping therapy on yourself and loved ones.
We have 3 massage rooms, this is one of them!
Yes, that’s right we wear masks to keep you safe!
We even have multiple hand sanitation stations all throughout the office.
Just one of the ways we help you with you pain!
Each table is protected with a covering that we sanitize after each guest. Just another way we are keeping things clean and safe!
That’s right we do fire cupping as well!! Great for detoxifying the body!
Meet Chanelle, one of our intuitive, talented therapists!
Meet Heather, one of our very talented therapists! Her sessions leave you so relaxed even while getting in and working the kinks out! She even does table top Thai and Balinese!
Need help realigning the body? Shiva’s is your place!
Yes we are at the Downtown Dunedin Market!!
We get all sorts of visitors at the Downtown Dunedin Market!
Each room is equipped with an air sanitizer, this helps clean the air from many germs and impurities.

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Chanelle Sipp